eBodyRenew HQ (by Madame et Monsieur)

2610 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy Suite #200, Henderson, NV 89052

About eBodyRenew HQ (by Madame et Monsieur)

    Their expansion efforts soon resulted in the establishment of salons located in Australia and England. Then came the decision to move to the United States and provide licensees the opportunity to open Electro-Body Sculpting salons throughout the country.

    Their client list includes: a former Miss South Africa, Miss Universe, Miss Beverly Hills, Miss USA, many Hollywood celebrities, famous jockeys, marathon runners, a former Mr. South Africa, a Stargate performer, a former Mr. California, actors, singers, and even some Chippendales performers.

    eBodyRenew HQ (by Madame et Monsieur)

    Our Address

    2610 W Horizon Ridge Pkwy Suite #200, Henderson, NV 89052
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